Joshua and his auditory addiction

This is the post excerpt.

I would first like to introduce myself, hello, I am Joshua Alexander Sagahon. I am a Pre-Med major, an owner of 6 dogs, and an avid Game of Thrones fan. My father is from Querétaro, Mexico and my mother is from Galax, Virginia. Since i am not to give my life story, i will focus on one of my all time favorite things to do, and thats to listen to music. Usually, if you ever find me outside of class, or in the McCrorie Center, 99 percent of the time I will have some form of headphones on listening to music. My playlists do not discriminate, anything from popular latin, to G-Eazy. If you ever happen to see it I wear a necklace my father got me as a graduation present, adorning a music note, just because I like music.

My senior project was based around canines. Here is me giving a donation to the HSCC
Just kidding I found another one.
the only photo of me I could find with earbuds in.